A Call for Cohesive Action: Redefining Cardiovascular Care in the Asia-Pacific

Cardiovascular disease is the Asia-Pacific's number one cause of death and costs health systems an estimated US$177.8 billion a year. Yet public and policy awareness in the region remains low. Universal health coverage for non-communicable diseases (including CVD) also remains stagnant.

This flagship Alliance report suggests that a cohesive strategy is needed to tackle CVD effectively. It challenges the myth that CVD only affects those in old age, urban or rich populations. A cohesive strategy must be patient-centered across prevention, early detection, treatment, and rehabilitation - ultimately to achieve three outcomes: reduce premature deaths; reduce hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations, and slow growth of new CVD patients.

Only by working hand-in-hand with governments, patients, professionals, academia, nonprofits, community partners and the private sector can we realize the ambition of Sustainable Development Goal 3.4: to reduce premature deaths from non-communicable diseases by one-third.