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Full report now available

We are pleased to launch our report A Call for Cohesive Action: Redefining Cardiovascular Care in the Asia-Pacific today.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer with 10 million dying in 2019. Millions more are hospitalized every year, with health, social, and financial burdens to patients, caregivers and health systems. We estimate that health systems incur US$177 billion annually – equivalent to the combined national health budgets of Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Meanwhile, heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrests worsen the risk of heart failure, which has a worse 5-year prognosis than some cancers. An estimated 32 million people in Asia suffer from heart failure – equivalent to the population of Malaysia. Many more suffer from other CVD risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney or liver disease.

How then can we address this burden of CVD to reduce premature deaths, hospitalizations, while slowing the growth of new patients?

What are the priorities that governments should focus on to achieve these outcomes, while ensuring that patients are at the center of care?

How can we achieve seamless care for patients?

Download our report here and join us as we work to tackle CVD together.


Full report now available

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